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We’re on a mission to support women and minority-led businesses

In partnership with Harlem Capital, the Diversity Marketing Consortium™ is a group of agencies banding together to break down systemic barriers to accelerate brand growth.

Together, we’re providing $1.5 million in marketing services

The Diversity Marketing Consortium (DMC) was formed with a mutual recognition that women and minorities do not have equal access to opportunities, a structural reality in our country that has been highlighted by continued racial injustices.

Further, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated such inequities, disproportionately impacting women and minority-owned businesses. Between February and April 2020, the number of women-owned businesses declined by 25% while the number of Black and Latinx owned businesses decreased by 41% and 32%, respectively *.

While the U.S. works to repair such systemic inequities, DMC aims to provide support to underrepresented businesses immediately.

The time for change is now, and long overdue.

Who is the Diversity Marketing Consortium?

Cheer Partners

Cheer Partners is an award-winning employee experience agency that helps companies transform their culture, resulting in a more connected and engaged workforce whose team consists of professionals with a wide breadth of human resources, talent, and employee communications expertise.

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Social Studies

Social Studies is a micro-influencer agency created to inspire authentic conversations between’s the world’s best brands and emerging social content creators at scale. According to AdWeek, they are fastest growing influencer agency in the U.S.

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Source Code Communications

SourceCode Communications is a communications marketing agency with an unwavering commitment to driving ROI through a unique blend of data, humanity, and technology.

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Superbolt Agency

Superbolt is a full-service, full-funnel, marketing partner that helps brands drive long-term growth by increasing sales/revenue, and other key business metrics, building brand equity and driving insights through transparent communication and education.

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Services Offered

We're committed to helping underrepresented entrepreneurs thrive through the following services.

Advisory Facebook & Google Advertising Email Marketing Employee Engagement Playbook
Ambassador Network Creation Influencer Marketing Strategy, Talent Discovery & Campaign Programming
Product Launch/Corporate Announcement Creative & Content Execution
Employer Value Proposition Cultural DNA Assessment Executive Profiling

Disclaimer: Terms and conditions may apply to various services

Our Commitment

The DMC is committed to entering this initiative with the utmost integrity. We pledge to deliver on our engagements to businesses, the same standards with which we deliver our services to contracted clients. In addition, all accounts and services will be provided with honesty and transparency, including successes, failures, and scope.

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