Case Studies
April 5, 2023

Developing a Creative Library for Compt

Compt is a B2B HR platform that helps companies allocate benefits in the way that works best for their employees, who can choose how they want to spend their benefits. Amy, founder and CEO, started Compt because as a former three-time CFO, she continually saw that company benefits spoke to only a certain percentage of her team. She raised $1.5M in seed financing led by Harlem Capital.

We provided value to Compt in two main ways: 

We helped Compt test paid channels that they had previously not accessed, from Facebook to LinkedIn to Google Ads. Our advanced data reporting also provided visibility into the customer insights available to them. Most of all, our creative team created data-driven visuals of high marketing value. We crafted over 30 assets that they continue to use on their various platforms.