Case Studies
April 5, 2023

Writing a Corporate Story

Dexai Robotics aims to revolutionize the food industry and improve the lives of kitchen staff everywhere by enabling them to focus on what matters: creating amazing culinary experiences for customers. Dexai Robotics’ team of engineers has focused their efforts on creating the software and hardware necessary for their robot Alfred to function. They hadn’t gotten around to telling their story.


The Dexai team has now consistently been sharing engaging content across multiple channels, garnering a larger and growing following. They also have a suite of holistic communications materials that tell their story in their own words and channels to share this message with prioritized stakeholders. Their team and product are also on track to be featured in prominent publications in the coming months.

What we did

Cheer Partners did an in-depth audit of the Dexai journey and internal communications materials to date; while meeting with team members to fill in the gaps. We then crafted a narrative, identified all potential stakeholders, and built a comprehensive message house. Dexai will be able to use these resources for both internal and external messaging opportunities moving forward. Additionally, their team will better understand their unified mission.