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April 5, 2023

To Build a Brand that Lasts, Dedicate Time to Cultural Intelligence Now

Cultural intelligence is an essential component of any brand and ultimately impacts a brand's perception and bottom line. Here are three ways to future-proof your brand for cultural shifts to come.

By Stefan Embry, Chief of Staff at Praytell 

Since the tumult of 2020, it’s been evidently clear that a laissez-faire approach to cultural intelligence puts brands at risk. What is Cultural Intelligence? Simply put, it’s your ability to strategically reach multiple cultures; it's core to the agility of your brand. It takes time and intention to get your brand up to speed. 

In the past three years we’ve seen employees demanding greater focus on diversity and psychological safety, celebrities and business leaders being held accountable for their private flight environmental footprint and a sharper focus on equity for gig workers in the new economy. All of this has had an impact on brand perception and in some cases, the bottom line. 

When it comes to brand reputation - it's important to not only build strategy for the target consumer, but to keep cultural stakeholders (consumers or not) in mind as well. Three cultural stakeholders all comms professionals must take into consideration: diverse & allied communities, ESG-minded investors + partners, and finally, your own employees

Because of intertwined interests, these three groups look to one another when making critical decisions. Buying decisions, employment decisions, and investment decisions all rely upon one thing: a brand’s ability to move with culture.  

The best way to hedge risk with these stakeholders? Preparation. Starting today, continually and purposefully instill cultural intelligence across your brand to meet the demands of the new business landscape. 

Here are three ways to future-proof your brand for cultural shifts to come: 

1. Routinely Reexamine the “Now “

2. Engage In Tough Convos 

3. Future Proof with Ready-to-Enact Plans

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