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April 5, 2023

Celebrating National Entrepreneurship Month

DMC clients share their advice with other founders in honor of National Entrepreneurship Month

November marks National Entrepreneurship Month, which is an opportunity for us to celebrate and recognize the incredible founders we represent. In honor of this time, we wanted to spotlight a few of the founders we are working with this quarter, sharing advice for their fellow entrepreneurs. 

What advice can you share with other founders?

“It's important to keep your perspective when you hit the lows. There will be days when everything will go wrong (no matter how hard you try to avoid that). But you can't let that weigh you down. You have to keep your eye on the long-term goal.”

What advice do you wish you knew before becoming a founding

I wish I knew that building decks constantly was such a critical part of the process. Communicating your vision clearly is a must and that is often done through decks. If I could go back I would learn graphic design and how to use the illustrator software. Owning that skill can help you bypass graphic designers and save you a lot of time and money. 

What advice can you share with other founders?

Be uncompromising in your mission and what you know to be true. I have had many people say CFJ’s approach was too broad, too complex to understand, and too difficult to achieve. But it’s the holistic and broad approach that we take, where we recognize that truly sustainable fashion is ethical fashion, that the two cannot be separated, and that they must consider all living beings, regardless of their species, that has been so effective.